Shahrez Hayder is 'The King of Systems'

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Shahrez Hayder

For centuries, systems have been used as a strategic weapon that creates alignment among people, places, and things. As we look around the world, systems are everywhere, from the schooling system to our solar system that works in perfect harmony. If systems ceased to exist, there would be nothing but chaos. There would be no control.

Considering that there are businesses that lack systems and processes and companies that are on the verge of dissolution due to the lack of control, it's a scary thought.

President of Hayder Enterprises, Shahrez Hayder, describes it as a "lack of bandwidth."

"Lack of bandwidth is detrimental to any business, and it doesn't matter if it's a small business or a large corporation; bandwidth control is key to maintaining revenue, let alone scaling revenue. Bandwidth is simply an entity's capacity management; think of glass that holds water, the bandwidth is the glass, and the business activity/revenue is the water. If growth exceeds bandwidth, then a business is looking at chargebacks, lawsuits, and even worse, dissolution. In other words, the water will start overflowing and cause a disaster." Hayder explained.

According to recent studies, 91% of small business owners stated that their businesses aren't able to expand because of scalability issues. However, when looking at some business giants such as Amazon, they have done exceptionally well because of bandwidth control and scalability. Take Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos for example, he is constantly looking for ways to improve scalability with faster delivery methods, more warehouses, and more substantial customer service. In fact, Amazon's systems are so solid that if their customer base were to double overnight, the company's bandwidth would be able to handle it.

The King of Systems, Shahrez Hayder, says that some businesses can scale rapidly because they understand a basic fundamental that many people are not willing to understand: The king is the weakest piece.

"Business is a game of chess, and you have to put the right pieces in place, you have the ponds, the bishops, the knights, the queen, the rooks, then there's a king. Have you realized that the king is the weakest on the chessboard yet the most powerful? The king can only move one step at a time while the others have different and more versatile abilities. It's the same in business. If the business owner thinks they can be the queen, bishop, knight, rook, and pond while also trying to be the king. They're destined for failure."

Hayder adds, "The truth of the matter is that businesses that can scale their bandwidth understand this concept and simply put the right pieces in place. They understand that they are weak unless they have the right team, systems, and processes to win. You don't see Jeff Bezos delivering his packages, right?"

Hayder has found and consulted in multiple 7 and 8 figure businesses. Most recently, he was able to take a startup to a 7-figure run rate within six weeks. Alongside building profitable trades for his enterprises, Hayder also helps growth-minded entrepreneurs scale their business to 7 or 8 figures in record time.

Hayder has three quick pieces of advice for those looking to scale their business fast:

● A Client/Customer Acquisition System is crucial: Think of it like your pond on the front line. Without it, you don't have a business.

● Bandwidth management is the hardest part of scaling a business; once you master it, you will never worry about money again.

● Know your opportunity costs: the best way to learn and implement something is to learn from an expert with a proven track record. Figuring out on your own is a lot of money left on the table, let alone internal frustration.

The term 'King of Systems' is the perfect way to describe hayder, as he describes his job as sitting in the back, as a king, while he puts the right pieces in place.

"My team and employees are smarter than me. My automation is smarter than me. My systems are smarter than me. That is why I prioritize these things over anything else. These will help scale my company's bandwidth. The right pieces. I'm simply the guy who sits in the back and puts it all together."

Shahrez Hayder is an entrepreneur who has mastered the skill of business engineering and scaling. He is helping entrepreneurs struggling with scaling and systemizing their business, increase their bandwidth and become the king or queen of their systems. If you're looking to get in touch with Hayder, you can follow him on Instagram - @shahrezhayder

This article was first published on April 13, 2021