[In our article below it was wrongly identified Yoo Byung-eun as the owner of Chonghaejin Marine that operated the ferry Sewol. Yoo did not directly own any share of Chonghaejin Marine either under his name or a borrowed name. We regret the error and stand corrected. Editor.]

The Sewol ferry disaster hit the headlines after three years when the South Korean government on Tuesday said that they found remains of a victim, during its ongoing salvage operation. The ferry sank nearly three years ago with over 300 people trapped inside. Soon after the news came, Yonhap New Agency reported that a publishing company that represented the late Yoo Byung-eun who was the de facto owner of the ferry has been selling the personal photography works of Yoo till date that is nearly three years after his death in 2014.

Yonhap noted that in 2014, the 73-year-old Yoo became the target of the prosecutors' investigation after the 6,825-ton ferry sank killing 300 people with mostly high school students, the alleged reason known was corruption and irregularities.

Yoo hid for months and was finally found dead in July, 2014 in an orchard in the southern city of Suncheon.

Given the importance of the issue there was a wide spread media coverage and people got to know a lot about Yoo then, including his love for nature photography.

Yonhap learned that till date, people can take a look at his photos of nature at www.ahae.com, that is being run by his publishing company Ahae Press. It is to be noted that Yoo, under the name Ahae published and exhibited his works.

Under the title of "Portfolio 2016," and "Portfolio 2015" late Yoo's new photos have been uploaded. The copies of his photos are sold at www.ahaeproducts.com.

Meanwhile, the National Assembly on Tuesday passed a bill for establishing a special committee in order to re-investigate about the massive maritime disaster as the questions remained unanswered as to what caused the sinking and why the rescue team failed to save the passengers.

It was then concluded that several factors including- overloaded freight, a displacement of cargo as well as an erroneous sharp caused the massive disaster.