Severe storm and lighting hit southern United States amid Coronavirus outbreak

Storm Prediction Center's National Weather Service had previously told that 'damaging wind gusts' is likely to happen by noon, Thursday

Added to the threat of coronavirus in the US, a severe storm that was brewing on Thursday hit Texas while lighting struck a major gas line which exploded near Adkins, located in the east of San Antonio, as reported by Fox San Antonio. There are many makeshift hospitals for the COVID-19 patients which were vulnerable to these winds.

The incident made some of the residents evacuate their homes. Over 31,800 people were without power during late Thursday night in Texas and a total of 285,600 customers went without power in the evening mostly in Maine, Texas and Louisiana, as per

"There is still going to be some showers and thunderstorms across southern Western Texas (on Friday) that will ramp up as the storm system moves out into the plains Sunday," AccuWeather meteorologist Michael Leseney told as reported by USA TODAY.

Storm Threat in the US Storm Prediction Center, Oklahoma

Fox's senior meteorologist Janice Dean had previously stated that during Thursday afternoon, in Northeast and the Mid Atlantic there could be gusty winds of up to 40 to 50 miles per hour,

Storm Prediction Center's discussion earlier noted, "Severe thunderstorms with very large hail and damaging wind gusts are expected from the Hill Country into south and southeast Texas this afternoon into early tonight. Damaging wind gusts may also occur around midday along the Interstate 95 corridor from near Washington D.C. to near New York City."

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Vulnerable tents

There have been more than 151,080 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in New York, with more than 6,260 deaths. As a part of COVID-19 response, medical facilities and Central park's field hospital stays under tents, the storm may prove dangerous. "If there are medical workers working outdoors in Central Park, they should know if there are warnings," Dean had said.

Later this week

Wednesday night, there were tornadoes, hail and strong winds in some parts of Ohio Valley, Tennessee Valley and Mississippi River Valley which reported some injuries.

The threat in Texas would begin on Saturday before the storm shifts eastward by Easter Sunday toward the Gulf Coast. There also might be severe rain on Easter Sunday, leading to floods in some places of the southeast, said the report.

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