SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo apologises to Girl's Generation for past comments

Agency representing Wonwoo also apologises for not being a good guardian.

SEVENTEEN boy band member Jeon Wonwoo has extended his apologies towards Girl's Generation for his derogatory remarks in the past. Reportedly, Wonwoo posted various libelous comments targeting the girl group before attaining popularity as an SVT band member.

As per reports, the 19-year-old threw some inflammatory remarks at the girl gang, calling them ugly and "the garbage of the singing industry". His posts also included plastic surgery accusation with some photoshopped pictures of the band members.

Apparently, after realization of his elementary school mistake, Wonwoo has now released an apology letter on Fancafe dedicated to Girls' Generation. The singer affirmed that he was sorry for his action and now realises how hard it is to stand on the stage and perform.

Wonwoo wrote :

Meanwhile, Wonwoo's agency has also released a statement expressing apologies for not being a good guardian.

Pledis Entertainment stated: "He (Wonwoo) wanted to apologise himself instead of through the label. He thought this would be the best way to express his feelings, so we are revealing this after a lot of thought. We apologise for not fulfilling our role as a guardian."