Serial Entrepreneur Ahmad Yasir is Changing the Landscape of Brand Marketing

Ahmad Yasir

Social Media users avoid ads for many reasons, but they cannot avoid the ads on social media. Ads have become so omnipresent that even influencers have started subtle brand pushes. According to a survey, 74% of social media users think there are too many ads. For adults of age 35+, the number grows to 78%. As the marketers continue to invest in social media to push their products and services, they lack in boosting consumer experience. Social Media is definitely a platform where you can enhance your brand presence and influence purchase decisions. Still, the audience is likely to get irritated with their increasing number and would probably skip or scroll your ads.

Touching the pain points of the online audience, Ahmad Yasir has redefined the landscape of brand advertisements. Ahmad Yasir @ amad started his career with an Instagram meme account, @reactions and there's no turning back since then. From marketing memes to marketing brands, Ahmad has transformed these puns into a dialect of brand communication. Ahmad follows the basic fundamental of advertising, engaging people in their language. Do you want to express something? Share a meme about it, and people would know how you're feeling, without you saying it. He started with one viral content distribution channel, acquired the ownership of three more, founded his agency Instareach LLC and is now collaborating with industry-leading brands.

From Humble Beginnings To Massive Moolah
Before Ahmad carved his career path, he was a studious youngster with big dreams and ambitions. He pursued his graduation in Biology and simultaneously mastered coding in Javascript at a very young age. With his degree and unique skillset, Ahmad would have easily landed on a safe career path, but he chose not to be ordinary. Working for someone was not his cup of tea, and he was always passionate about starting something of his own. He started engaging himself at various pursuits to find his true passion. As he was new to entrepreneurship, he would spend most of the time on Youtube and other social media channels following industry experts to gain knowledge and learn from their life.

It was the time when Instagram's web footprint surpassed Twitter's number of monthly active users. With the hope of millions of new users, Ahmad invited the opportunity to build his own "viral" content distribution channel. Starting from zero @reactions organically grew its fan base with hilarious videos, memes, quotes, photos, and captions. Within one year, the page had 1 million active followers. As of now, @reactions is incredibly unfazed with 5 million active followers. With a broad base of positive referrals, organic traffic, and a flawless track record, Ahmad continued to expand his base by acquiring the ownership of @EPIC ", "@GHETTO ", & "@hood" to his Instagram empire.

Turning the brand ads' tides to Meme Marketing
At Instareach LLC, Ahmad helps brands catch on to the power of viral visuals. Ahmad believes that Meme marketing is the best option to engage a brand's target audience when compared to banner ads or clickbait articles. Gen-Z contributes to the maximum of the global population and comprises the majority of a brand's target audience. "The speed at which memes make their way into generating responsive behaviour among the audience is challenging and entertaining," says Ahmad.

Ahmad has so far collaborated with renowned brands like PUBG, Game of War, Fashion Nova and enhanced their online presence by coordinating ads. With his ability to utilize cross-platform integrated channels, Ahmad has diversified content creation and brand communication. Ahmad's mastery of converting leads, ROI, and engagement rate is no less than science. Instareach LLC's levels of benefitting brands' social media following have been tremendous, so much that the engagement rates have surpassed influencer and brand content posts.

Possessing a solid social media IQ, Ahmad visualizes his future with more challenging brand campaigns, owning an ice cream chain and investing in real estate. He doesn't want to have an ultimate goal, but many that can keep the passion of entrepreneurship in him alive.