Sergei Beseda: Russia's FSB General Moved to Notorious Moscow Prison as Putin Widens Crackdown over Intelligence Failure

Russia's top FSB General Sergei Beseda has been moved to a high-security jail in Moscow as President Vladimir Putin is widening the crackdown on officials over failed intelligence reports.

Beseda, 68, was previously put under house arrest and the move came as Putin is carrying out a purge in the secret service of his country that had advised that civilians in Ukraine would welcome the invasion of the Russian soldiers.

Sergei Beseda
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Beseda is in The Notorious Lefortovo Prison

Currently, the commander is in the notorious Lefortovo prison under his pre-trial detention. His case is being investigated by the military investigative department of the Investigative Committee.

Recently, the commander visited Ukraine before being detained in Moscow.

Beseda has been in charge of FSB intelligence and political subversion in the USSR.

His arrest is being seen as a warning to other senior intelligence officers as their inputs and analysis have been disastrous to Russian troops, resulting in a massive number of deaths of Putin's troops.

The Russian President is believed to be fearing that moles have leaked Moscow's invasion plan to the west.

Failed Intelligence Reports

Previously, the secret service had assured Putin that Russian troops will be welcomed by Ukrainians and Moscow could easily achieve victory, a calculation of FSB which has been implacably wrong.

A number of political prisoners were kept in Lefortovo jail during the Soviet era and currently, it is used to incarcerate traitors.

It came as the deputy head of Russia's national guard was fired last month due to their operational failure.

Beseda is believed to be close to Putin but the arrest suggests otherwise. He has been head of FSB's 5th service since 2009.

Beseda had been a longtime trusted Putin secret services official, and was in his role as head of the 5th service of the FSB since 2009. So far, Russia has not confirmed the detention or arrest of Beseda.