Serena Williams' Mom Falls Asleep During US Open Match; Social Media Makes Comparisons With Prince Louis

The US Open match was full of excitement as on one side Serena Williams gave in her best to stay alive in the match and on the other hand her mother Oracene Price despite trying hard to "enjoy" dozed off.

The social media followers soon after seeing the video clips of Price resting her head on her hand and dozing off reacted by posting comments and memes.

Interestingly, a faction of social media followers compared Price's reaction to that of Prince Louis's act of boredom when he attended Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Serena William's mom sleeping

Was William's Mother Bored or Relieved?

A report published by New York Post stated that during the second-set tiebreak during Williams' third-round U.S. Open match against Ajla Tomljanović, Williams' mother, Oracene Price, appeared to nod off. The report also stated that Williams was struggling to stay in the match and it was one of the most exciting points when her mother was captured sleeping. By the end of the her on-screen appearance, she finally opened her eyes.

The social media has been flooded with memes, some suggesting that Price was bored as she knew what was going to happen and stole some time to take a nap. On the other hand, a few of the comments suggest that she was relieved that her daughter would have time to take care of the family after the match was over.

At the same time some of William's fans gave the benefit of doubt to Price adding that she had always stood by her daughter's side and that a small "mess-up" like this could not undermine her support and affection.

A Twitter user while replying to @BleacherReport stated, "Serena Williams Mom be like "I already know my baby the GOAT I can just sit here and chill"

Another user wrote, "@serenawilliams...Hey busy queen, boss lady, match take a moment to stand on court and video the crowd after your twirl. It's a moment you'll want to relive, seeing the crowd's love."