Serbia sends 4 planes with medical equipment to Italy for fight against Coronavirus pandemic

The deadly virus outbreak has created a massive stir around the world and the disease has spread to more than 170 countries

The European nation Serbia has sent four planes which were carrying medical equipment including gloves, masks and protective suits to Italy as a part of a donation for helping the EU member tackle the deadly coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak on Saturday.

Another four planes which will be carrying equipment are going to be sent in the net two days, which is also a part of the donation from the European nation, Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic stated. "We will win together, be brave Italy, Serbia is with you," Vucic wrote on one of the boxes of equipment before it was loaded on to a plane.

Serbia helping Italy in the fight against Coronavirus

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Last year Italy was Serbia's second-largest trade partner after Germany, statistics bureau data in January showed. Italian companies including Fiat employ more than 20,000 people in Serbia. "On its path to Europe, Serbia always had help from Italy," Vucic said, noting that during devastating floods in 2014, Italy was one of the first countries to send aid. "This is our opportunity to say thank you."

Serbia so far reported 7,483 cases of people infected with the coronavirus and 144 deaths. The Balkan country has been cultivating strong ties with China and has received help from Beijing, which sent six doctors to help their Serbian colleagues during the pandemic. Vucic had at the beginning of the crisis criticised the European Union for introducing a ban on the export of masks to non-EU countries, including Serbia.

Recently EU officials, including its foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, have criticised Vucic for praising only China for help. "I have never seen billboards thanking the European Union," Borrell told members of the European Parliament in Brussels this week, referring to billboards in Belgrade featuring a picture of Chinese President Xi Jinping thanking China for its help during the coronavirus crisis.

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