Serangoon preschool 'My First Skool' apologises after autistic boy goes missing

The autistic boy has been studying in 'My First Skool' since he was a toddler

My First Skool
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After an autistic boy went missing, 'My First Skool', the pre-school at Serangoon North Avenue 2 issued an apology. The news of the incident has gone viral when citizen journalists Pinky and Kris figured out a Facebook post from a user named Ong. In her Facebook post, Ong has described the stress she faced when her son went missing for few hours.

Details of the incident

Ong, in her Facebook post, revealed that she received a call from the school at 10.48 AM informing that her son went missing. At 10.53 AM, she got another call from Yishun MRT Station informing that her son was there. Ong soon rushed to the MRT station and was relieved to see her son there.

When asked about the incident, the teacher at My First Skool told Ong that she took half of the class outside to water the plants at 10.15 AM. The teacher returned the students to the classroom at 10.30, and it was at 10.31 that she found Ong's son was missing.

Hearing the explanation from the teacher, Ong was literally confused as the timeline did not make any sense. Ong believes that it is practically impossible for her son to reach the MRT Station at 10.53 AM if he left the school at 10.30. There is no answer to her query still.

However, Ong also asked her son to apologize for the incident to his teachers, as running away from school is wrong. She wrote in her Facebook post that the school should be aware of the condition of her son, as he has been there with the school since he was a toddler.

Adeline Tan, the General Manager of the school said the autistic boy has been with the school since he was a toddler and the teachers have always conscientiously looked out for him. He said the teacher was deeply apologetic and visibly shaken by the incident.