Seolhyun of AOA apologises to fans after her collapse on stage

South Korean singer and actress Seolhyun Instagram/seolhyun.aoa

AOA's much loved star Seolhyun has been under the weather and has been noticed appearing ill on stage during an event on December 15.

During the Fortnite Korea Open 2018, Seolhyun felt dizzy during the performance and collapsed on stage. The idol was escorted offstage by fellow band members and staff and was rushed to the hospital to receive treatment. Although Jimin revealed that Seolhyun had been suffering with flu, fans were disappointed to see their star leave stage midway.

With videos of Seolhyun collapsing on stage making the rounds on social media showing the star retching repeatedly after her performance of "Like a Cat" has caused huge concern among fans. Worried fans took to social media handles seeking clarification regarding her health.

Further to the uproar, Seolhyun's agency FNC Entertainment released a statement stating that "Seolhyun felt dizzy because of the smoke and gunpowder that was used on stage". The agency also apologized to fans for causing concern regarding Seolhyun's health.

Within 24 hours of releasing the statement, FNC Entertainment modified their stand following the doctor's diagnosis. The agency stated that "Seolhyun had mild cold symptoms, so her throat was swollen. Further to this, the hot air of the indoor stage led to momentary hyperventilation". The agency also clarified that according to the organizer; the fireworks used did not have any gunpowder and were harmless in nature.

Seolhyun took to her personal Instagram to update about her health condition to her concerned fans. Her Instagram post started with an apology to her fellow band members and fans alike for causing concern regarding her health. She stated that "In future, I will show better performances with a healthier image".