Seohyun Instagram

Singer and actress Seohyun finally broke her silence about her decision to leave SM Entertainment.

Earlier this month, Girls' Generation members Seohyun, Tiffany and Sooyoung terminated their contracts with the agency to pursue their solo careers. The three left SM Entertainment after 10 years since debuting in Girls' Generation in 2007.

In an Instagram post, Seohyun talked about her decision and her future.

"I'm so sorry to the many fans who must have been confused and concerned by the news that was suddenly reported a while ago... I was worried that I might make a mistake if I tried to express how I feel in an emotional and rushed way, so I'm posting this letter after much consideration," she wrote.

Seohyun said she "made the difficult decision after a lot of worrying" on ending her relationship with SM Entertainment" and thanked agency founder Lee Soo Man for nurturing her career since she was 12 years old.

"I'm thinking of all the days after I met my members who are so precious to me, and met all of you supportive fans, as we spent ten years together crying and laughing together. All of the days are so precious to me, and are beautiful times that I will never forget," she said.

Seohyun added, "From my days as a trainee when I dreamt of being a singer and took part in the tough competition, to the moment when we debuted and became one as Girls' Generation like it was fated after all having the same dream, from the time I was a teenaged girl to now in my late 20s, there were countless happy days that shone brightly because we were together."

She reminisced that they were always together even through tough times and "also, after ten years, we have talked a lot about how it's possible that our desired futures, and the shape and color of those lives, will each have different directions, and so we support and respect each other."

"Although we might be together in a different way than before, my belief in the fact that we will support each other and be together has not changed," she added.

Seohyun said her decision is based on her goal "to stand alone. I think that I need a new challenge in my life, and I had to make a choice in order to take on the challenge."

I'm now planning to start my new challenge, as a singer, actor, and the person Seo Joo Hyun. But if there is ever a need for me as Girls' Generation in the future, I will do my best to be together with my members, no matter when it is. And I will always support Girls' Generation and be together with them," she said.

Tiffany was reported to be going to the US to study acting while Sooyoung will pursue her own acting career in Korea.