Seohyun reveals about her past relationships, says ex-boyfriend was a celebrity

Girls' Generation's Seohyun said that she is single and not seeing anyone currently.

Seohyun is all set to release her new album "Don't Say No". Pinterest

KPop star Seohyun revealed about her past relationships when she recently appeared in JTBC's A Hyung I Know. The Girls' Generation member admitted that she is not currently seeing anyone and relationship status is single. Singer Kim Heechul, a SM Entertainment talent, who was also present in the show reacted to Seohyun's statement and said that she does not seem to have been in a relationship before.

However, Seohyun was quick to deny Kim's claims and accepted that she had been in a relationship before. In fact, the KPop idol also revealed that her ex-boyfriend was once a celebrity.

The KPop star also appeared for an interview with "Sports World" and dished out some information about her first solo album titled "Don't Say No" and also about her inspiration for the songs.

"There's a total of 7 songs on this album. Except for the title song, I took part in writing the other six songs because I wanted to challenge myself in portraying my own sensibility...I thought about some of the experiences that I've had and incorporated them into writing song lyrics after coming up with a fitting story," said Seohyun, according to All KPop.

"The results aren't really that important. I am satisfied by the fact that I could present my own colors to the audience. I was able to show a mature Seohyun as opposed to the sweet Seohyun from Girls' Generation. I will continue to strive for the best," she added.

In 2007, Seohyun made her debut after joining Girls' Generation. She also released her debut album this year, on January 17. She is the third member of the girl group to go solo.

This article was first published on February 21, 2017