Seo In Young released her second album on a discussion over drinks

Seo In Young had appeared on the reality television show We Got Married with Crown J.

Former Jewelry girl group member, Seo In Young, released her second solo album, Elly Is Cinderella, on the spur of the moment. The singer affirmed that it was an impromptu - sudden decision which she took in 2008 over drinks discussion.

During her interaction at Korean comedy radio show, Cultwo, the 31-year-old elaborated her spontaneous change of mind. She said: "I released the album [which contains] 'Cinderella' on an impulse. During Jewelry's 'One More Time' promotions, I released the album within a week. I was drinking with the agency president, and he said 'Okay' [to releasing the album] and that's basically what happened."

The studio album, which consisted of six tracks, was designated as one of the most popular album at that time. Moreover, the music video for the album's lead single, Cinderella, was composed by PSY, which contributed to In Young success as a solo artist.

Adding on, In Young - who is also known as Elly, also talked about the wedding of her former girl group member Park Jung Ah. The multi-talented actress added: "Ten of Jewelry's old and new members attended Park Jung Ah's wedding. Park Jung Ah had a request, and it was for all of to sing 'I Really Like You' together. She wanted all nine of us, excluding herself, to sing for her. Park Jung Ah said that she wouldn't do this, but I passed the mic to Park Jung Ah who was wearing a wedding dress."

The singer concluded: "On that day, Park Jung Ah was extremely pretty. I was moved. I never met Park Jung Ah's groom, but I felt very strongly from the groom's gaze that he loved Park Jung Ah a lot. I was envious."

Seo In Young appeared on the reality television show We Got Married with Crown J. In May 2012, the singer went on to establish her own exclusive entertainment agency, IY Company. She also hosted the beauty program, Star Beauty Show.