Seo Ye Ji Getting Unfair Treatment Over Bullying, Skinship Controversies: Fans Complain after She Walked Out of Island

Seo Ye Ji fans are not at all happy to see their favourite star losing projects following the school bullying allegations and accusations against her of interfering in her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun's work when they were in a relationship. The actress's decision to withdraw from OCN drama Island has added salt to the injury as the fans claim that she is being meted out unfair treatment.

Seo Ye Ji
Seo Ye Ji. Seo Ye Ji Instagram

Walked Out of Island
The actress' label GoldMedalist has formally announced the news of the actress walking out of the project. "A mutual final decision has been made for Seo Ye Ji not to star in 'Island'," it confirmed the development in a statement.

The actress has been hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons. Firstly, there were school bullying and violence allegations against her. If it was not enough, the It's Okay to Not Be Okay actress landed in more trouble after Dispatch came out with a report stating that her former boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun refused to do skinship scenes with Seohyun in The Times in 2018 as per Seo Ye Ji's orders.

Leaked Chat
The chat conversation between the former couple was leaked and Kim Jung Hyun's apology gave credence to the allegations of Seo Ye Ji interfering in his work.

Going by the report on Dispatch, Kim Jung Hyun had alleged caused lots of pain to his co-star Seohyun while forcing the writers to rewrite the script on the orders of the then-girlfriend. A total of 13 skinship scenes were removed from the drama following which his character fell out of the story, the report added.

Even as she was trying to overcome these controversies, a former staff made allegations of verbal abuse and harassment.

These controversies are affecting her personally and professionally.

Fans Extend Support
Meanwhile, the fans are extending their support and showering love on Twitter. Check out their tweets below:

Jess: It's so sad things like this happen to an actor/actress who finally find success to their career. They are also like us thriving hard to be successful and yet some people are very close minded and try hard to drag them down of some groundless issues.

Mary: As a fan of hers from the US, I just don't get this "scandal" at all and why it's so big. It's truly sad and honestly very mishandled by her team.

wina212: I'm wait for you to comeback. Take your time to heal. Comeback stronger.

MOguy: Meaji just needs time to heal. Soon we will see her beautiful and gorgeous personality on the screen....she'll come back being more radiant Grinning face with smiling eyesGrinning face with smiling eyes

J: kmedia be witch hunting her to death but furious when she announced she drops Island, your loss knetz

Annabelle: Who told u knetz are angry abt her withdrawal from the drama?lol it's like u don't know how mean Korean netizens are

Atefe.E: It must be true seeing how they won't make a cleat statement!
Kim jung hyun made an statement and appologized about his part.
She should have admitted it and appologized instead the company made it sound like a lovers quarrel! Like it's normal to tell someone not to be nice!

Seo moon:My queen there's more bigger things coming to you and I'm so positive about it just hung in thier never ever douth yourself god is just cleaning your way to your well deserve spot.maybe evil is happy right now, but trust me tommorow you'll be more happier than them.

cFanTutte: She should apologise only for things that are her responsibility. KJH's actions are -not- her responsibility imho.

Hiyas30: Even if she will continue doing the drama. The knetz will make a petition and the whole production team will be affected like what happen to Jisoo and the Joseon Exorcist.

yea-ji's babe.: this could never run in the west, lol south korea keeps missing out on talented people. i feel sorry for them.

YoungBlood⚡: KMedia is quite suspicious.. When #Baeksang release their nominees, kmedia drop her controversy.. Then now that she is topping the Popularity award, here comes another write up about her Face with rolling eyes #SeoYeaJi #SeoYeJi

Jessa: We will wait for you #SeoYeJi we love you ❤