Seo Hyu Jin: A far cry from on-screen image, says can't admit love first

Seo Hyun Jin says she's a normal Korean female, unlike her on-screen character Oh Hae Young.

Singer turned actress Seo Hyun Jin is unlike her on-screen character Oh Hae Young.

While the 31-year-old is rejoicing over the amount of appreciation she is getting for her 'girl next door' role in the romantic comedy drama, she says she is slightly diiferent from Oh Hae Young.

During an interview with the High Cut, the singer revealed in real life she is reserved and shy. The former M.I.L.K member said: "I'm a normal Korean female, so I have no courage. Until the guy confesses first, I don't say anything. Maybe that's why my relationships never work out."

When asked to compare herself with her on-screen character in a break-up situation, the Feast of the Gods actress added: "In reality, I can't drink at all. To get over breakups, I binge eat. I also like watching American dramas. So I either eat, or watch American dramas, or watch American dramas while I eat."

Meanwhile, in the initial episodes of the show, Hyu Jin was being pointed out for playing a 'plain' character. As per reports, the character Oh Hae Young was lifeless, and was not able to revive its audience.

Apparently, addressing the 'plain woman' topic in her previous interview, the Calling singer stated: "Many people call Oh Hae Young a 'plain woman', but I think that there's no such thing as a plain person in this world. Each has his or her own life story and struggles, so how can anyone be plain?"

"They're unique people who look plain on the outside. I'm not sure if I'm doing a good job of acting Oh Hae Young right now, but I do clearly have something I want to convey through this warm, beautiful character. I hope my sound gets delivered accurately," she told Allkpop.