Seo In Guk
Seo In Guk's enlistment plans has been revealed Facebook/sigstyle1023

South Korean singer and actor Seo In Guk's official date for his military enlistment has been revealed. The 29-year-old artist will enlist on March 28, his agency Jellyfish Entertainment confirmed.

The label said: "After confirming that Seo In Guk's enlistment date has been determined for March 28, we have decided to adhere to it. He will be serving as an army soldier by reporting for his 5-week training in the Yeoncheon county's 5th division in Gyeonggi-do."

"We have not decided whether or not his enlistment will be public or private," the note read.

Seo In Guk started his singing career after winning the talent reality show Superstar K in 2009 and then was noted for his acting in Reply 1997.

Previously, during an interview with Yeonhap News, Guk said he is thankful to his acting and singing career, and revealed he cannot choose one between them. He said: "I get asked that a lot, but they're both careers that I love, and it's difficult for me to gravitate toward one more than the other. Even when I'm acting, I carry my computer around and work on music."

He added: "I want to become an actor whose productions will get people to say, there are lives like that, when they watch me, and I want to become a singer who can tell people's stories."