Seo In Guk approached for a Japanese drama remake

Seo In Guk
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Seo In Guk has been approached to play the lead role in the Korean remake of Japanese drama "Hundred Million Stars From the Sky." tvN has acquired the remake rights and the casting coups are on full swing now. The drama will be directed by PD Yoo Je Won of "Tomorrow With You," "Oh My Ghostess" fame.

The drama is a mystery thriller that revolves around a sous chef and a womaniser. He gets rid of the women after getting tired of them. His life gets entangled with a detective who starts to unveil the chef's dark past one after one. Things get awry when the detective find the involvement of the chef in his girlfriend's suicide. Furthermore, the detective's younger sister falls for the chef and the cat-mouse game begins. The Japanese version was aired on Fuji TV in 2002.

The Reply 1997 star was recently diagnosed with Osteochondritis dissecans on his left ankle bone which exempted him from his military duties. Soon after the issue, there was an array of controversy accusing Seo of taking advantage of his health issue to opt out from the military.

Reports on local Korean media stated that the singer-actor knew of his medical condition and wanted neglected treatment to get an exemption. A statement was immediately released to clarify that Seo was keen to take up the military task and was indeed disappointed after failing the medical examination twice. "We'd like to reiterate that Seo In Guk did not neglect treatment knowing that he would be exempted, nor did he purposefully make it worse to receive a level five exemption," the statement noted