Send Cash Overseas Safely, with GiftCards To Naira


Sending money to Nigeria and Ghana is now safer, thanks to
Have you ever gone to send money to someone in a different country and wondered how to do it without the risk of interception? The last thing you want to do is send money only for it to go missing. Although bank to bank transfer is widely regarded as the safest way to send money abroad, it isn't always possible. If you can't use a bank code, then where does that leave you?

It leaves you turning to innovative firms like GiftCardsToNaira to help send that cash securely... and here's how it works.

GiftCardsToNaira: Helping you send cash safely overseas

GiftCardsToNaira is an organization that was set up expressly to tackle this issue. Using their innovative gift card trading system, you can receive money from outside the country and withdraw it as Naira, Bitcoin, or Ethereum... and they're not done yet. GiftCardsToNaira has big plans for expansion in the coming years.

Sending cash overseas has always been a dangerous game. It might not make it, even if you send it by tracked post. On multiple occasions, mail traversing international borders is opened, checked, and has its contents reviewed. When those contents are banknotes, they end up not making their destination.

In an ingenious use of gift cards, those who want to send money overseas securely can take advantage of the GiftCardsToNaira scheme to give cash to their loved ones. How? By doing these simple things...

Send Cash Safely – as Gift Cards!

Those who want to send the money just need to buy gift cards in a store that is native to the destination country. They can then buy and send the cards, either electronically or by post. Keep in mind that most gift cards will have the recipient's name on them to protect against theft.

When the recipient gets their gift card, they can then go online to the GiftCardsToNaira platform or use the app on their mobile phone. They create an account; then they enter their unwanted gift card details into the online form. They can even calculate the quote in advance (as can the sender) by using this tool.

Once the sender has created the account and received their quote, they can decide whether they want to accept it or decline it. If they get it, the money will be instantly in their account. If not, they can hang on to their gift card with no damage done.

All transactions on the site are instant. The user decides which currency they would like and receives payments as soon as they are set up and accepted. The whole process takes no longer than 10 minutes from start to finish.

Could this be the Future of Sending Money Abroad?

If you want to follow GiftCardsToNaira, you can find them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Could this be the future of sending money abroad? We certainly hope so. It's just too easy to pass up.