Selina Jen and Richard Chang finalise divorce 'over a happy meal'

Richard Cheng writes long Facebook giving details of the 'legal reset' after nine years.

Taiwanese girl group member Selina Jen and husband Richard Cheng have officially put an end to their nine-year old relationship. The former couple signed the divorce papers on Wednesday.

As per the reports swirling around, the duo had a very peaceful divorce with no discussions regarding alimony or provisions.

After the divorce proceedings, Cheng took to his social media account to share some insight on the split. In a long post on his Facebook, the 43-year-old affirmed that their divorce day was just like any other happy chatty day. He wrote, "(The day we got divorced) we chatted happily and ate a meal. Then we completed our legal 'reset.'"

Explaining further, Cheng stated that while his marriage to Selina was beautiful it didn't hold any future. Blaming both sides, Cheng asserted he "hadn't put in effort to maintain the marriage."

"I was unable to become someone who was part of her life, and she couldn't do the same for me. We could not form a true family and build an environment that belonged to us, and it felt like it wouldn't happen in future either," the lawyer stated.

Refuting the divorce rumours, Cheng also clarified in the post that he and Selina were in good terms, and are cordial with the decision they have taken mutually.

Meanwhile, in response to the divorce news, Selina's agency released a one-line statement, as per Toggle, confirming the split. "Yes, the divorce has been finalized, thank you all for your concern."