Selina Jen divorce: S.H.E. singer is 'hurt' from inside

Source revealed that Selina Jen is keeping herself calm, even though she is feeling down.

Taiwanese singer Selina Jen shocked the world after she recently announced her split from lawyer husband Richard Chang on Facebook. The estranged couple apparently tried hard to work on their crumbling relationship, but did not succeed.

According to web magazine, Toggle, Selina and Chang wanted to give their marriage of four years another chance, "but ended up extremely unhappy." It became quite difficult for them to accommodate each other in their life, due to extreme differences in their personalities.

In her Facebook post, the 34-year-old singer blamed herself for the split, and explained that she has not been a responsible wife. She wrote: "Did not play the role of a good wife, lost sight on how to maintain a proper family life."

The source also revealed that the S.H.E girl is very hurt from inside, yet trying to keep a happy face in public. She is trying to "keep herself calm even though she was feeling down."

In her recent post on social media, Selina assured her fans that she is fine and there is no need to worry.

Speaking about Selina's choice to open up about her divorce in public, the source told the magazine the "the former spouses chose to be proactive because they didn't want to have to issue clarifications when their divorce proceedings were exposed."

While attending a media event, Selina's actor and model sister, Lorene Jen commented on the divorce news. She said that her sister is very strong and her family supports her in whatever decision she makes. She said: "For every major decision she's made in her life, I've been by her side."