Popular Taiwanese girl group member Selina Jen took to social media revealing her divorce from husband Richard Chang.

The petite star's annoucement was a bombshell on Chinese entertainment inustry but the ripples did not apparently stop there.

It has been reported that Selina's estranged husband, lawyer Richard Chang, has threatened to sue tabloids that dug into the saucy details behind the high-profile divorce.

Chang, who had previously said he was not a 'saint', said he would take legal action against publications that connected the divorce and his purported relationship with model Jessie Zhuo.

Earlier, in a lengthy post on her Facebook page, the S.H.E girl admitted she did not take responsibilities seriously and failed as a wife. She wrote: "Did not play the role of a good wife, lost sight on how to maintain a proper family life", as her focus was more on the career, rather than building a pleasant husband-wife bond.

The 34 year-old also shared that she no more believes in love, and the bond between the two has lost its existence. "The love between me and Richard started to fade. We know that this is a necessary decision. "Because we've lost love, so we don't want to lose kinship and friendship as well", she said while thanking her husband for giving his love and support when she needed the most.

The singer-host added that she and Chang knew each other from 9 years, and shared great bond as friends.

Reacting to Selina's divorce post on facebook, Chang reciprocated his thoughts tagging themselves as "Happy Siblings'.

The legislative Yuan candidate wrote: "In this broken marriage, I lost a wife but gained a sister who is closer to me than my own sister.Please don't feel sorry for us. We are happier being siblings."

Selina and Chang had been married for five years. A report on Apple Daily suggested that Chang had moved out of the couple's marital home last month, and the divorce proceedings are yet to be completed.