Selina Jen divorce: 'Go easy on Chang', says teary-eyed actress

The 34-year-old says she is fit and that the divorce has not taken a toll on her health.

Selina Jen and estranged Richard Chang are constantly under the media scanner after their divorce proceedings were publicized on Facebook last week by Selina.

The petite actress came out in public for the first time on Wednesday at the promotional event of the television show Stay Healthy Stay Happy, after her 'divorce' incident.

The 34--year-old, while addressing the media, said that she is fit, and the news of divorce has not taken a toll on her health.

She shared: "I'm meeting everyone at my first job after my status change. As you can see, I haven't slimmed down into a paper person, my appetite is good, and I'm not in tears all day."

Talking about her split with husband lawyer Richard Chang, the songstress said it was a mutual decision to end their four-year marriage, and both of them were prepared well in advance emotionally and psychologically. However, dealing with media is quite a tough task, she added.

"Facing the media reports and concern, there's still a little pressure and I'm a little emotional. Most of the time I'm home and can't help thinking, why did the marriage come to this?", the singer actress shared.

According to a report on Apple Daily, Selina got very emotional while talking to media and reportedly choked back her tears. She also requested media personnel to go easy on Chang" and give him a little space.

Earlier this week the S.H.E star expressed on the social media that she is more happy and relaxed, as all the discomfort after announcing divorce has been relieved by her morning jog. She thanked her family, band members and Chang for the support they gave her in tough times.