Selena Gomez writes in Time magazine; Thanks brave aunt who first crossed border in 1970s

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Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez at Cannes 2019 Instagram

Selena Gomez an American singer and an actor recently wrote an essay on the immigration crisis that exists in the United States of America. The essay was published by Time Magazine in which she explains about her family history relating to immigration. She reflects on her family history and writes about how in the '70s her aunt crossed the Mexican border by hiding in a truck and came to the United States.

In the essay, Selena Gomez reveals how her grandparents and her aunt entered the US without documentation. She is extremely grateful to her aunt for being so brave and entering the US by hiding in a truck. The 27-year-old has spoken about how undocumented immigration constantly bothers her. She has also admitted that, over the years, a few of her family members have struggled to get a US citizenship and she further went on to say how thankful she is for being born as a US citizen. She has also confessed about how she feels scared for her country every time she sees a rage or reads a headline about immigration on social media platforms.

Gomez is the executive producer of "Living Undocumented" a Netflix documentary directed by Aaron Saidman and Anna Chai. This film effectively reveals stories of several families who are all facing possible deportation threat. In the year 2017, Selena Gomez was approached about this venture which focuses on eight immigrant families, who are all from diverse backgrounds and different countries, facing possible deportation. She further adds that she cried while watching footages of the families' journeys and it reminded her of how she saw her family struggling.

The documentary exposes the viewers to many stories that are saddening to watch, and the one related to Luis Dias is truly heart-wrenching. Mr Dias has been living in Texas and is now expecting a child with his girlfriend, Kenia Bautista-Mayorga, who is also facing deportation threats along with her son who is only three years old. Most families who have immigrated come from Mexico and Central America, the others have their origins in Israel, Laos and Africa.

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