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Millions of Selena Gomez fans were left heartbroken after news spread last month that she was admitted to a mental health facility following an emotional breakdown. But now social media is abuzz with news that the singer has been discharged.

The truth is still unclear as her family members and spokesperson are yet to update her health. The rumour about her discharge from an East Coast facility was spread after TMZ and E! Online published a news report on their website.

The report stated that the Back To You singer is now "out of her treatment program in NYC and is doing much better." The treatment reportedly had a positive impact on the 26-year-old and she's now feeling "refreshed and is in a better head space."

She will "still be checking in with professionals as her health battle is ongoing and wants to lay low for a while and isn't ready to go full force into working yet," E! Online reported.

Gomez was admitted into a health centre twice in October. While the first time she was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA for a low white blood cell count, which many assumed she suffered due to her kidney transplant last year.

However, she was admitted into a mental health facility the second time after she suffered a panic attack, which, according to the previous TMZ report, triggered after Selena was "despondent and emotional over an alarmingly low white blood cell count."

"She was released days later but had to be readmitted the next week because her low blood cell count persisted. She went into a downward emotional spiral. After she was admitted to the hospital for the second time, she demanded to leave. When doctors wouldn't oblige, she had "a meltdown" and tried ripping the IVs out of her arm. It was characterized to us as "an emotional breakdown,"' a source close to the singer told the website.

The Fetish singer's meltdown coincided with her former boyfriend Justin Bieber's engagement with Hailey Baldwin. Fans of the singer were prompt to blame the Sorry hitmaker of moving on too quickly post his abrupt breakup with Selena. Bieber and Baldwin reportedly got married in September in an NYC courthouse and many speculate that has emotionally impacted Selena.