Selena Gomez dating Charlie Puth? Justin Bieber blowing up Ex-Disney star's phone

Justin Bieber is unhappy with Selena Gomez and Charlie Puth dating reports.

Selena Gomez is reportedly getting close to Charlie Puth to make Justin Bieber jealous. Recently, rumours started circulating that the Hands To Myself hit maker is dating the 24-year-old Suffer singer.

"Selena finds it so predictable that Justin's now coming on so strong because of what he's heard about Charlie. She absolutely loves that he's so jealous," a source told Hollywood Life. "She can't help but love all the attention. It would be nice to get all the attention if no one was in the picture, though. It's like she doesn't know if Justin is really that crazy about her or if it's just an ego thing."

"He has been blowing up her phone trying to talk to her about it," the insider added. "He is threatened that he will lose her to him. He isn't taking responsibility that his own actions are to blame for not having her in his life."

Meanwhile, Puth and Gomez first met at MTV Video Music Awards party in August 2015. He gushed about the former Disney star to Us Weekly: "I just went up to her and started talking to her. I was very floored by how well she handled herself and how mature she was. It's nice to get to know the actual person and finding out she's an interesting person ... I'm happy that we're friends."