Selection: The War Between Women episodes 11 and 12 recap: Eun Bo becomes the victim again

Episodes 11 and 12 of Selection: The War Between Women took viewers through roller-coaster events that mainly focused on a rivalry between the Queen and the concubines.

Selection: The War Between Women episode 11 picked up right from where the story had left Kang Eun Bo and Excellency Eom Hyo Seop in episode 10. Eom Hyo Seop forcefully handed over the poisonous bottle to Kang Eun Bo and asked her to kill King Lee Kyung in three days. She was even asked to leave the palace as soon as she was done with her work.

At the other end, the King was desperately waiting for his love to return. While fulfilling his official duties, he was thinking about her. At times, he used to ask Eunuch Hwang for updates about Eun Bo. Finally, when the King heard the news about her return, he rushed towards the gate to meet her. But he found her sad and tired. So, their meeting did not last long.

Did Eun Bo try to kill the King?

On that night, the King had another prophetic dream wherein he saw Eun Bo trying to kill him by poisoning his tea. He was curious to know why she would dare to do something like that. But he did not want anybody to know about it, not even the Chief Eunuch. So, he decided to spend the night with her and find out more about her intentions.

Eun Bo poisoned the tea and offered it to the King. But she did not let him have it. Still, the King was angry with her and kept her in house arrest for a few days. Then, he confronted her close friend Wal and Minister Hong Ki Ho. Soon, the King realized that there was someone behind her who was forcing her to make a move against him.

Did Eun Bo reveal her true identity to the King?

Selection: The War Between Women
The most-loved scene from Selection: The War Between Women episode 11. YouTube/Screenshot

During their next meeting, Lee Kyung confronted Eun Bo about her real identity and her true intentions for entering the palace. She did not just tell him that she was Eun Ki's twin sister, but also informed him about the evil moves of her father's close friend, Eom Hyo Seop, and Prince Lee Jae Hwa. Her shocking revelation made the King realize that the Prince could take away the throne. So, he started focusing more on the Prince and his followers.

Meanwhile, Concubine Kim Song Yi and Queen Jo Young Ji were curious to know why Eun Bo was under house arrest for three days. Though they tried their best to find out the truth, they did not get to know anything about it. So, the Queen decided to use her powers and torture Eun Bo. But her plan did not work out because of Song Yi, who quickly informed the King about it. After rescuing Eun Bo, the King informed the Queen that she could never win his heart.

Queen Young Ji was really broke after hearing the King's words that she wanted to get rid of Eun Bo as soon as possible. She reached out to sharp shooter Gae Pyeong for help and made a plan with him to kill her rival. Though the King came to know about their evil moves through his prophetic dream, he did not succeed in stopping them from executing it. Episode 12 ended by hinting at the demise of Eun Bo and featuring the death of Eom Hyo Seop.

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