SelectDB Cloud was Launched: More Cloud Less Cost

SelectDB Cloud

Beijing Flywheel Data Technology Co., Ltd officially launched SelectDB Cloud – a new cloud data warehouse designed to help organizations boost their data analytics effectiveness. It is a cloud-native real-time data warehouse based on the open resource database Apache Doris and features easy-to-use, high-performance and single unified. SelectDB Cloud is available on multiple clouds and now it has been launched on AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, and Huawei Cloud.

Firstly, the founder and CEO of SelectDB Mr Lian gave a presentation about the characteristics of SelectDB Cloud.

SelectDB Cloud is high-performance. The data showed in the wide table aggregation scenario, by SSB flat testing, the performance of SelectDB Cloud is 3.4 times that of ClickHouse, 92 times that of Presto, and 6 times that of Snowflake. In the multi-table association scenario, by TPC-H sf100 testing, the performance of SelectDB Cloud is 1.5 times that of Redshift, 49 times that of ClickHouse, and 2.5 times that of Snowflake.

SelectDB Cloud is cost-effective. As evaluated, the cost of SelectDB Cloud was only 1/2-1/5 of the cost of other privatization deployment products.

SelectDB Cloud is single and unified. As evaluated, SelectDB Cloud is 54 times that of Hive, 12 times that of Spark; SelectDB Cloud can achieve 4.2 times write speed, 2.3 times query speed, and only 1/5 disk space occupation compared with ElasticSearch in typical scenarios for log storage analysis.

Additionally, SelectDB Cloud is compatible with MySQL connection protocol, has safe and convenient connection methods, rich data import methods, a hierarchical user permission system, simple and convenient management console for administrators, as well as open source, multi-cloud and other features, which can well meet the needs of users in many industries, especially those in traditional industries.

Then the Vice President of Technology Mr. Xiao introduced four highly customized solutions for core data analysis scenarios proposed by SelectDB, that is modern data platform solution for company operation; reporting and analysis solution for business; user profile and behavior analysis solution; log storage and analysis solution. Finally, Mr. Lian announced the official launch of SelectDB Partners Program to welcome more partners to join them to create value for customers.

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