Seina is the wonderful Japanese Instagram Star wears all white outfits everyday for 365days

Seina Tsukimori

Meet Super Kawaii all white style Instagram Fashion Icon, @seina tsukimori

Her adorable and well-coordinated photos have earned them a huge following on Instagram. Her Instagram is very unified, delicate, and beautiful. I have never seen someone who only wears white clothes every day.

We look into how the young Japanese star has made fashion her playground.

Seina Tsukimori is a Japanese fashion model who is well known for wearing only white dresses and white items every day for 365days.

An extremely popular sweet girl from Japan.

When she decided to post photos, the response was overwhelmingly positive and the demand for her own Instagram account soon grew. Making Seina one of the most popular of the moment. Now attracting people all over the world.

Seina has plump lips and cute round eyes, known as a baby face in Japan. She's extremely famous and popular among teens to 20years olds because they see her as a role model.

Her fashion style uses affordable products, so that young girls can learn and imitate.

It will be such a joy for them to experience new fashion. All the while putting together her singular looks in front of thousands of fans.

The closet in the room is all white with clothes stored in it.

According to seina,"I like to mix affordable pretty brands and high-end brands together in my outfits.

I love pearl white, so I often incorporate pearl accessories."

She has been collaborating with companies, and other celebrities/ influencers using white items as well. Also, she appeared in many fashion shows.

If you love white fashion, you should definitely follow her!