Security System: Now unlock your car with finger vibrations

VibWrite aims to integrate both physiological as well as behavioural characteristics.

Love locks are seen on a bridge in Gdansk, Poland September 7, 2017. REUTERS

VibWrite might just be the answer to a low-cost and reliable security system for the Millennials. The security system senses finger vibrations, helping to verify users and then allows them access to cars and what soon would be other appliances like homes, apartment buildings or just about anything with a solid surface.

"Everyone's finger bone structure is unique, and their fingers apply different pressures on surfaces, so sensors that detect subtle physiological and behavioural differences can identify and authenticate a person," said Yingying (Jennifer) Chen, Professor at Rutgers University-New Brunswick in New Jersey, US.

VibWrite was published online at the Association for Computer Machinery (ACM), Dallas Texas.
This international conference is usually held to promote new technology and usher them into them into the market by giving them the right platform to begin from.

People are looking for cheaper ways to have better and reliable security systems. However, most of the existing are expensive as they include cameras, fingerprints scanners and other costly equipment.

VibWrite aims to integrate both physiological as well as behavioural characteristics. It builds on a touch-sensing technique by using vibration signals, where a user will be allowed after being verified when their finger touches any given solid surface.

"Smart access systems that use fingerprinting and iris-recognition are very secure, but they're probably more than 10 times as expensive as our VibWrite system, especially when you want to widely deploy them," Chen said.

What makes VibWrite more unique is that it is a unique system, different from the usual password-based approaches, which require high maintenance and a great deal in prior investment. It will only require an inexpensive vibration motor and receiver which will use minimal power.

VibWrite allows users to choose from PINs, lock patterns or gestures to gain secure access. The authentication process can be performed on any solid surface beyond touch screens and on any screen size.