Security firm warns of potential cyberattack that could be as damaging as NotPetya

The possible attack may gain entry through email attachments of word documents.

Organisations and the general public are warned to gird their loins as a new wave of cyberattacks has been predicted to transpire anytime soon. According to a Ukraine-based cyber security firm, the potential attack could be as detrimental as NotPetya, which knocked down global systems in June.

ISSP on Tuesday revealed it may have intercepted a new computer virus distribution movement following the threats that Ukraine is likely to encounter another damaging set of cyberattacks. The campaign is said to cause a similar ramification like that in June.

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The NotPetya attack started on 27 June, collapsing many government agencies and businesses in the country as well as corporate networks of multinational companies operating in eastern Europe. In a statement, ISSP says the new malware is likely coming from an accounting software planned to bring down networks while the country commemorates its Independence Day on 24 August.

"This could be an indicator of a massive cyber attack preparation before the National Holidays in Ukraine", states ISSP.

Reuters on Wednesday reported that Ukraine Cyberpolice and Security and Defence Council are expecting the new malware attack to resemble NotPetya's style, aiming to disrupt the country's festivities. Ukraine became an independent nation from the Soviet Union in 1991.

On 18 August, the National Bank of Ukraine first warned all state-owned and private banking companies of the possible attack that may gain entry through email attachments of word documents.

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