A Secret Letter From Queen Elizabeth Is Locked In A Sydney Vault; Can't Be Opened Until 2086, Here's Why

A letter written by Queen Elizabeth II is locked in a vault and can't be opened till 2086. The handwritten note, which was addressed to the people of Sydney, was completed in 1986.

The letter sits inside a glass case in a restricted area in Queen Victoria Building in Sydney. Nobody is aware of the content of the letter not even the personal staff of the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II
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Letter Is Addressed To Lord Mayor of Sydney

Only one thing is known it can be opened on any day in the year 2085.

Letter Also Contains Special Instruction

"On a suitable day to be selected by you in the year 2085 A.D, would you please open this envelope and convey to the citizens of Sydney my message to them," reads the instruction that is addressed to the Lord Mayor of Sydney.

Sydney Building Was Named In Honor Of Queen Victoria

The QVB, which opened in 1898, was named in honor of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee the year before. Queen Victoria was the great-great-grandmother of Queen Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, who became Queen in 1952, visited Australia 16 times - the first time just two years after she was crowned. She was only 27 - and the first reigning monarch to visit Australia, according to 7News.

Elizabeth Visited Australia 16 Times

When she came for the first time to Sydney, around one million people had come to see her. Later in 1963, she returned to Sydney with her husband Prince Philip. After that, she regularly used to visit the country.

Her final visit to the country was in 2011. She visited Australia and met then-Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Elizabeth Had A Special Plane In Her Heart For Australia

Australia Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said on Friday that from queen's famous first trip to Australia, the only reigning sovereign to ever visit, it was clear Her Majesty held a special place in her heart for Australia.

In Australia, the queen was given the place of the head of the state. Canberra also held a referendum in 1999 on whether to remove the Queen as head of state but it was defeated.

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