Sechs Kies returns with new album after 18 years

Veteran South Korean boy band Sechs Kies makes a comeback after a gap of 18 years, post they disbanded in 2000 with their new album.

Sechs Kies
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Veteran boy band Sechs Kies made their comeback with a new album after 18 years.

Before Super Junior, TVXQ and Big Bang, Sechs Kies dominated the Korean music scene following their debut in 1997.

However, they disbanded in 2000 after being for just three years in the business.

The five-member group is back and released their new album "Another Light" recently that topped local and international charts.

It was in 2000 when their farewell album "Blue Note" was released and now, the group members are eager to revive their career.

"After we reunited, we have released three digital singles like 'Be Well,' 'Sad Song' and 'Three Words,' which we think we kind of rushed through. For our fifth studio album, we took time with producers and Yang Hyun-suk to bring out the best songs that suit our style," according to member Jang Su-won.

"Another Light" is meaningful as this year is the band's 20th year.

Kang Sung-hoon said, "We did not intend this, but somehow we have released our fifth album on our 20th anniversary of the debut. The album is special to us."

Other members of Sechs Kies are Eun Ji-won, Lee Jai-jin and Kim Jae-duk. Ko Ji-young did not participate in the album because of commitments.

Sechs Kies' faced the dilemma of catering to their old and new fans.

"To pursue both our old and new fans, we met almost all the producers in YG. But there weren't many producers who understand the music style we pursued in the '90s," said Eun Ji-won.

Yang Hyun Suk, who debuted as a singer before establishing YG Entertainment, provided advice to the group.

"The chief producer Hyun-suk was one of the very few people there who we performed together back in the old days and he gave us much advice. Yang also recommended that we to pick 'Something Special' as the double title song because we were most comfortable recording the song," Eun Ji-won added.

To spice up the album, YG Entertainment boy band WINNER became part of the album.

"Through this project, we got to know WINNER better and it did not take a long time for us to make an agreement with music style. They grew up listening to our songs and they knew how to mix them with new trendy melodies and rhythm," Eun Ji-won stated.