Sean Garner is Paving The Path For Online Fit Pro's

Sean Garner

In an era where time is becoming our most precious commodity, few industries have been exempt from the online revolution. I think we'd all agree society as a whole both embraces and relies on us being a 'now' generation, and if something can't be accessed immediately on our personal device, we lose interest and move onto something that can. Combine this with the sudden challenges presented by the 2020 COVID experience, and even the most traditional industries have had to adapt and rethink how they do business.

When it comes to the world of fitness, Sean Garner of EntreFit Coaching has figured out the secrets to Online Coaching success and is now helping other fitness industry professionals transform their business. With a fitness career spanning more than 11 years, Sean has gained high level experience in gym development and now specializes in digital product creation. During his working life he's owned multiple fitness facilities, grown an in-person 6 figure personal training business, and worked as the General Manager for a luxury, multi million dollar per year fitness concept in Miami, FL that exploded in growth under his leadership.

As his career became established, Sean began to see an opportunity in the digital fitness space and has since created multiple successful digital products including online training programs, DVDs, streaming workouts, and has reached hundreds of thousands of people with his videos, podcasts, and online platforms resulting in Men's Health Magazine naming him as one of the Top Trainers in the World.

Sean describes himself as a Fitness Business Coach and through his EntreFit Coaching business he now mentors, coaches and develops fitness professionals looking to add streams of revenue in the digital fitness space, while also avoiding trainer burnout, and creating a life of freedom. Passionate about teaching and inspiring fitness leaders, Sean travels around the world speaking to industry professionals on the subject of digital fitness coaching, and on how they can take their lives and coaching impact to the next level.

Sean has been able to see firsthand how transforming your coaching business digitally can improve your work/life balance as he was able to move away from operating gym facilities with 70hr work weeks, to being able to create multiple 6 figure digital streams of revenue, while working from home and having the freedom to spend more time with his wife and children.

Through his varied roles in the fitness industry, Sean has gathered knowledge and experience on a range of topics and has built programs that focus on:

● How to create your online fitness business;
● How to stand out online;
● Marketing your online fitness business;
● The systems you need in place to grow and scale your business;
● Time management;
● Sales;
● How to create an offer/product creation;
● Goal setting;
● Mindset of an entrepreneur;
● Finding your dream clients; and
● Successful online fitness business best practices.

So, if you're a gym owner, personal trainer, or any type of fitness professional training in person clients and want to add an online training revenue stream, reach out to Sean Garner via Insta @seangarner.