Sean 'Diddy' Combs Sued by Ex-Girlfriend R&B Singer Cassie of Repeated Rape, Physical Abuse for Over a Decade as Music Moghul Denies Allegations

The couple had a public on-and-off relationship which began shortly after their meeting in 2005, when Cassie was 19 and Diddy was 37.

Sean 'Diddy' Combs has been accused of rape and repeated physical abuse by his ex-girlfriend, R&B icon Cassie, according to a recent federal lawsuit. The rapper, who goes by P Diddy, allegedly controlled and abused Cassie for more than ten years, the Manhattan federal suit — filed with a glaring "trigger warning" — states.

The allegations also include plying her with drugs, physical assaults, and forcing her to have sex with multiple male prostitutes while he watched and recorded the incidents. The pair met in 2005, when she was 19, and ended their relationship in 2018. The lawsuit claims that shortly before the breakup, he forcibly entered her home and raped her.

Shocking Allegations of Rape and Physical Abuse

Sean Diddy Combs Cassie
Sean Diddy Combs with ex-girlfriend Cassie X

Cassie, whose real name is Casandra Ventura, alleges in a federal lawsuit filed in Manhattan that the legendary music producer and rapper trafficked her, raped and brutally assaulted her from 2005 to 2018.

"After years in silence and darkness, I am finally ready to tell my story, and to speak up on behalf of myself and for the benefit of other women who face violence and abuse in their relationships," Ventura, 37, said in a statement via her attorneys at Wigdor LLP.

Cassie X

Diddy, 54, has vehemently denied all of the "offensive and outrageous allegations" against him.

The "Me & U" singer's accusations include that Combs forcibly gave her drugs and alcohol and coerced her to have sex with male prostitutes. He would then record the incidents. She also alleged that Combs destroyed Kid Cudi's car upon learning that the rapper was romantically interested in her.

According to the lawsuit, when Ventura tried to end the relationship in 2018, the Revolt CEO allegedly forced her into her own home and sexually assaulted her.

The couple had a public on-and-off relationship which began shortly after their meeting in 2005, when Cassie was 19 and Diddy was 37.

Diddy, who signed Cassie to his label Bad Boy Records, allegedly immersed her in a "fast-paced, and drug-fueled lifestyle," leading to subsequent struggles with substance abuse, as stated in the complaint.

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs
Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs X

According to the lawsuit, Diddy introduced Ventura to opiates in 2008 to maintain control, openly displaying pills and other drugs "like candy."

The lawsuit alleges that Cassie was subjected to frequent and severe physical abuse by Diddy over the years, often in the presence of staff and business associates, with no one daring to oppose the influential figure in hip-hop.

Despite attempts to break free from the relationship, Cassie claims she was coerced to return due to explicit threats that ending the association would jeopardize her success in the entertainment industry, given Diddy's alleged "uncontrollable rage."

Most Serious Allegations

Among the serious allegations, it is claimed that Diddy engaged in sex trafficking of Ventura, involving male prostitutes to fulfill his voyeuristic fantasies in hotels and at his home.

Sean Diddy Combs Cassie
Sean Diddy Combs with Cassie X

According to the lawsuit, Cassie was allegedly ordered to have sex with multiple men, sometimes wearing masks and costumes, while Diddy watched, masturbated, and recorded the encounters.

Cassie, as detailed in the legal documents, described these experiences as "horrific encounters" and stated that she had to use drugs to disassociate during these arrangements, which Diddy allegedly referred to as "freak offs."

The lawsuit contends that the music executive, who she first met as a teenager, said that it would be sexually gratifying for him to witness her with other people.

The legal filing further claims that Diddy hired a man and brought him to his Los Angeles home to engage in these alleged sex acts with Cassie.

"Mr. Combs directed Ms. Ventura to perform sexual acts with this man while Mr. Combs watched them," the lawsuit states.

"He masturbated while he directed Ms. Ventura and the man to do specific sexual acts. The entire encounter lasted multiple days."

According to Cassie, she attempted to leave the hotel room while Diddy was asleep, but upon waking up, he reportedly began screaming at her. He allegedly grabbed at her and threw glass vases from the hallway in her direction, shattering glasses around them as she ran to the elevator in an attempt to escape.

Sean Diddy Combs Cassie
Sean Diddy Combs and Cassie X

Despite managing to reach her apartment, Cassie claimed she eventually returned out of fear that Diddy would become even angrier.

"When she returned, hotel security staff urged her to get back into a cab and go to her apartment, suggesting that they had seen the security footage showing Mr. Combs beating Ms. Ventura and throwing glass at her in the hotel hallway,' the lawsuit states.

Conditions Apply

In 2016, according to the lawsuit, Ventura was allegedly explicitly told that her single would not be released if she chose to end her relationship with her partner and boss.

Sean Diddy Combs Cassie
Sean Diddy Combs and Cassie X

The potential detrimental impact on her career if she rejected Combs reportedly compelled her to endure his persistent advances, including an alleged forced kiss during a party while Combs was still involved with actress Kim Porter.

"Ms. Ventura was repulsed by Mr. Combs's demands, but between the physical beating and recognizing his incredible power and incredible temper, Ms. Ventura became petrified of her partner and boss, and felt that she could not say no," the filing states.

Bad Boy Entertainment, Bad Boy Records, as well as Epic Records and Comb Enterprises, have been included in the lawsuit for allegedly failing to protect their employee from the alleged egregious behavior of her "boss."

In 2018, according to the lawsuit, Ventura ended her relationship with Combs during a dinner. However, he allegedly forced his way into her home, which he financially supported, and sexually assaulted her.

Sean Diddy Combs Cassie
Sean Diddy Combs with Cassie X

This was the final episode of the alleged abuse, and Ventura subsequently severed all ties with Combs, including the record and properties he had financially backed, as stated in the lawsuit.

"Ms. Ventura has now fully escaped Mr. Combs, but the harm that the assaults and sexual abuse he caused her to experience for nearly a decade will forever haunt her," the filing states.

Ventura was reportedly prompted to come forward about her decade-long abuse by the Adult Survivors Act, a New York law that enables people who claim to be victims of sexual abuse, even if their claims surpass the statute of limitations, to file civil suits for a one-year period, until November 24.