Se7en issues statement over his visit to an adult massage parlour

South Korean singer, Se7en, whose real name is Choi Dang Wook, is making a comeback with a full music album in October.

South Korean singer, Se7en, has finally opened about his controversial visit to a massage parlour three years ago. The 31-year-old was reportedly accused of hanging around at an adult entertainment centre while he was still enlisted with mandatory military services.

In a lengthy letter posted on his social media account, the singer revealed that his visit to the parlour was wrongly incepted. He clarified that he went to that place in order to receive a blind massage, however, he left the place immediately so as to avoid misunderstanding among other. He stated: "The first two places I visited did not show up on broadcast and it was depicted as if I visited the place with ill intentions. I was waiting to receive a blind massage, however, canceled and left, considering the possibility of creating misunderstandings."

The I'm a good singer, who is currently dating actress Lee Da Hae, also apologised for being absent from the military service at that particular date without informing the seniors. Se7en also apologised for his act and promised to be in good books from now onwards.

Read the full text here:

Hello. This is Se7en.

"Firstly, I want to express my apologies and regret about not reaching out to fans who supported me personally.

"I'm not sure where and how to start, so I'm writing with caution.

"I've been very distressed since yesterday. A lot of thoughts filled my mind.. I realized that the people around me can have a hard time just because of my existence... I used to believe 'The truth will be known someday after time passes'... but ultimately I realized that everything is my fault.

"I did not actively explain parts that were not the truth and overlooked them lackadaisically.

"I was hesitant to speak up because I didn't want my explanation to be the truth that many people didn't want to hear.

"However, I am summoning courage to communicate the truth for those who listen to me.

"At the time, two Thai and Chinese traditional massage parlors were closed and the last place I visited became an issue.

"Broadcasts did not show me going to the two places I visited previously and it was portrayed as though I went to that place with bad intentions."

"I waited to receive a massage from a blind person, but I canceled and left after considering the possibility that the place itself could cause a misunderstanding.

"I absolutely did not do any bad action that many people spoke of and didn't have any intention to.

"All of these truths were revealed in the month-long investigation by the Ministry of National Defense with clear evidence three years ago. It was ruled to be 'absent without leave' and no other charges were made in the massage parlor visit controversy.

"However, it is obviously my fault for leaving the military without permission.

"That caused a lot of impact and I am still self-reflecting and apologetic about that part.

"Now I want to be a source of strength to those who give me the strength to live.

"From now on, I will work hard to be cautious of every single action and show a good image only.

"Thank you for reading this long message."