Scripx Pharmacy - Using Technology to Advance Pharmacy Adherence


Scripx is a pharmacy that offers differentiated services to patients, providers, and retailers using technology.

Technology is crucial to the evolution and survival of almost every industry in the world, pharmacy is no different. That being said, the practice of pharmacy has traditionally remained untouched. That however must change. Scripx pharmacy has been testing and implementing new technologies of which the pharmacy can better integrate into the patient's life in an attempt to drive adherence and compliance.

Emergence of Scripx

When Jon Eaton, the founder of Scripx, was working at a Long Term Care(LTC) 20 years ago, he gradually learned that it's not necessarily the practice of filling prescriptions, but how the medications are delivered to the patient (physical delivery, compliance packaging, etc.). Knowing that both tangible changes and intangible changes can be a difference maker to patient health, Jon decided to devote his time and experience to creating Scripx. Scripx initially started as a delivery pharmacy during the onset of the COVID pandemic but gradually grew into a health tech pharmacy that drives cost savings and adherence through technology.

How is Scripx Different?

Scripx is a mobile. Yes both in terms of medication delivery but also in the terms of pharmacy presence. That's right. As long as a patient has access to their phone, an Amazon Alexa device, or even a watch; they will have access to the Scripx mobile app. Scripx has built a very robust backend of which medicines can be refilled, paid for, and even scheduled for delivery.It was discovered that the pharmacy system and access to medication are not only broken but also antiquated. As a key conduit between the patient and provider, it is critical that the pharmacy plays a much stickier role in the healthcare ecosystem.

It's difficult for large retail pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens to offer anything other than "Filling Prescriptions," which is where Scripx comes in. They are blending advanced technologies such as smart pill bottles, wearable devices, and even virtual assistants together all in effort to create a much more streamlined approach to accessing medicine.

Scripx's Journey - From Idea to Reality

Opening a pharmacy can be very testing primarily due to very low margins, varying regulations, and competition. Scripx has not set out to change the traditional dynamics of pharmacy, but they are interested in re-inventing how pharmacy is offered and accessed by their patients. Technology has been the driving force behind their ability to change and improve the pharmacy process. With lots of patience, creativity, and even grit; their team has continued to grow, evolve, and gain market share. Having high hopes of being a top digital startup, Scripx will continue to use passion and service as a cornerstone of their growth.

Their motto is simple "Keep it Simple, Keep it Scripx" and always will be.