Scientists sit down to first count earth-like exoplanets in universe before hunting for aliens


The existence of alien life outside earth is one of most perplexing questions space scientists have been encountering for years. Even though several UFO sightings were reported in various nooks of the globe, scientists are still unclear whether these spaceships are from another world where an advanced alien civilization might be living.

In their quest to find extraterrestrial intelligence, space scientists have recently come to the conclusion that earth-like planets that orbit other stars in the solar system could be the perfect target to spot alien beings. Scientists have proposed the word, 'Earth Analog' to describe these space bodies, and they believe that alien beings might be living in these planets if they have the same environmental conditions as earth.

Using crucial data sent by Kepler telescope, scientists have now generated a model of an imaginary universe, and they have successfully determined the number of planets in the universe that are capable to host life.

As per the new research report, one in four stars has an Earth-like planet orbiting around it. This finding is quite crucial, as it will help experts to know more about the evolution of such planets, and it will also help humans during planetary colonization.

Until now, humans have been dreaming about colonizing planets within the solar system that includes Mars. But in the future, when interstellar travel becomes possible, humans will surely think about colonizing planets in other systems, and this finding could be too crucial to determine a safe haven for humans. Sometimes, during this planetary colonization, humans may also encounter alien life forms that may be much advanced than us.

However, the new research has solely concentrated on big earth-like planets orbiting around stars, and experts believe that future research will also help to discover small siblings of the earth that might be orbiting alien stars in the farthest reach of the universe.

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