Scientists predict mini ice age in the next 5 years, will give 30 years to 'sort out' pollution


As the world is now facing the adverse effects of global warming and climatic changes, researchers at the Northumbria University are arguing that the world is going to witness a reverse in this phenomenon. A study team led by Valentina Zharkova has found that a mini ice age will start happening by 2021, where the world will start cooling instead of heating up.

Solar cycle of Sun responsible for this effect

Valentina Zharkova has made this conclusion after analyzing the pattern of sun's solar cycle. As per the researchers, sun used to go through a predictable pattern of behaviour in every 10 to 12 years, and during these times, the heat reaching from the sun used to increase or decrease.

After analyzing the solar activity, Valentina Zharkova revealed that from 2021, the sun will start letting off less heat and energy, and as a result, the global temperatures will get dropped down steadily. The change will affect all nooks of the earth, thus reducing the harmful effects of global warming.

According to the researchers, the pair of magnetic waves become increasingly offset during Cycle 25 which will reach its peak in 2022. During cycle 26, which lasts from 2030-2040, the solar activity will be reduced drastically, thus dramatically reducing the global temperature.

"I hope global warning will be overridden by this effect, giving humankind and the earth 30 years to sort out our pollution," told Zharkova to Sky news.

This is not the first time that mini ice ages are happening on our planet. In the seventeenth century, a miniature ice age was responsible for freezing river Thames in London.

There is no doubt that an ice age will be detrimental to humanity, but a little dip in temperature in the age of global warming does not sound so bad.