Scientists discover earth's strange second magnetic field

A new study report presented at the 2018 European Geosciences Union in Vienna, Austria has revealed the existence of earth's strange second magnetic field generated by the oceans.

The startling discovery was made by the researchers at the European Space Agency, and they made use of satellite trio named Swarm to detect the second magnetic field. Using the swarm satellites, scientists successfully determined the magnetic tides from the ocean surface to the seabed.

Moon responsible for the second magnetic field?

According to the scientists who took part in the study, the moon is playing a crucial role in generating this magnetic field.

Earth's main global magnetic field is generated by the movement of superheated liquid iron on the earth's outer core. Several studies have indicated that magnetized rocks in the crust and flow of oceans play a direct role in shaping this magnetic field.

After analyzing the study data, researchers came to the conclusion that the second magnetic field is created as the Moon pulls the earth's ocean through the magnetic field. When the moon pulls the earth's ocean, it generates an electric current which produces a magnetic signal.

The newly discovered second magnetic field is often difficult to detect because it is 20,000 times weaker than the earth's main magnetic field.

Rune Floberghagen, the Swarm mission manager said proper understanding of the magnetic field is necessary to understand what is beneath the surface of the earth. The scientists also revealed that the magnetic north pole is drifting away from Canada, and is moving towards Russia. According to experts, magnetic poles often move an average of 34 miles every year.

Scientists release the map of earth's magnetic fields

Apart from revealing the existence of a second magnetic field, scientists also released the map of earth's magnetic fields. To create the map, researchers made use of four years of Swarm measurements, and the data collected from Champ, a German spacecraft. Information collected by various airplanes, ships, and marine vessels were also used to create the map.