Representational Image: Pixabay

Experts believe that it was a dreaded asteroid hit on the earth which resulted in the extinction of dinosaurs from the planet's surface. Now, new research has suggested that the asteroid hit triggered a giant tsunami on oceans and waves went up as high as 1.5 kilometers. Scientists made this conclusion after creating a new simulation of its impact and its aftermath.

Molly Range, who presented the study at the American Geophysical Union last month revealed that the asteroid impact that killed dinosaurs was something earth has never witnessed. Molly Range also added that the tsunami that hit the planet following the asteroid hit was the one of the biggest ever in the history of the earth.

The simulation also revealed more details about the way in which the tsunami hit the planet. After the initial rise in waves, huge gallons of water rushed back to the crater left by the asteroid. Researchers also added that the asteroid's impact and giant tsunami created devastations in all nooks of the globe.

It should be noted that the largest human waves known in modern history are just 24 meters tall, and it happened in New Zealand last year. The researchers made it clear that the tsunami that happened in the ancient days was almost 2600 times more powerful than 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, one of the most intense on record.

Apart from the creation of a giant tsunami, the asteroid hit also rocketed rock and dust to the atmosphere. Earlier, another study report had indicated that the aftermath of this asteroid hit triggered a mini ice age on earth as these particles in the atmosphere blocked the rays of the sun.

The drastic low in temperature and less exposure to sunlight disrupted the photosynthesis process, and it played a crucial role in disrupting the food chain. Experts also added that many animals along with dinosaurs faced extinction due to the food scarcity which happened during this mini ice age.