School Cancels Former 'ISIS Sex Slave' Nadia Murad's Event Over Fears of 'Offending Muslims'

A Canadian school board canceled an event with ISIS survivor Nadia Murad because they felt her experiences might offend Muslim students and foster 'Islamophobia'.

A school in Canada canceled it's event with ISIS survivor and author Nadia Murad, citing her visit could offend Muslims and orchestrate 'Islamophobia'. Nadia was scheduled to visit students from the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) to discuss her book 'The Last Girl: My Story Of Captivity in February 2022'.

According to the Telegraph, Nadia's book entails graphic details of how she was sold to ISIS in sexual slavery when she was 14-year-old and her ordeal of what happened to her before she finally escaped ISIS. The book tells the story of her harrowing rape and torture before she found a refugee camp in Durhok, in northern Iraq, and then escaped to Germany where she now lives.

Nadia was all set to discuss her book with the students of TDSB, however, the school board president Helen Fisher pulled the event, claiming that Nadia's book might promote 'Islamophobia' amongst the students. Fisher issued an apology for the act as well.

Nadia Murad
Nadia Murad Screen grab - Reuters

'ISIS has nothing to do ordinary Muslims'

Fisher said that her Muslim students might get offended by Nadia's book is the reason behind her canceling the event. A TDSB parent Tanya Lee, who was hosting the event that was set to feature Nadia, expressed discontent over Fisher's decision and wrote an email to the superintendent saying that the Islamic State has nothing to do with ordinary Muslims and that the school board should know the difference, according to The Telegraph.

'It was a misunderstanding'

Lee then told the outlet that she received a copy of the school board's policy on selecting fair, culturally-relevant reading materials from Fisher. A spokesperson for the school board, however, said it was a 'misunderstanding.' Later, the board issued a clarification on the matter saying that an opinion that did not reflect the position of the Toronto District School Board was shared with the organizer of a book club event before the staff had any chance to read the book.

The statement further informed that the staff is currently reading the book and they sincerely apologize to Nadia for the mishap. Lee further said that the TDSB has not committed to letting their students attend the event and it is unfortunate. "A great loss to the students, community, and educators at the TDSB," she said.