Scholes claims Lionel Messi would struggle to play at United

Paul Scholes
Paul Scholes Reuters

Paul Scholes has once again laid into Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho saying that even Messi would struggle to flourish at his former club and that they have now become a laughing stock.

Paul Scholes is an outspoken pundit when it comes to Manchester United and has had plenty to say about Mourinho and United in recent times.

Not too long ago, following United's 3-1 reversal at West Ham, Scholes had said that Mourinho is embarrassing the club and is lucky to be in charge at Old Trafford.

In an interview with ESPN recently, Paul Scholes minced no words as he let the world know of his feelings about the current situation of Manchester United.

"I hate going back and saying 'when we played, we did this and we did that', but I look at the current squad of players and I don't think there's a lack of quality there.

I do think they miss a couple of real class players that other top teams seem to have – a link player and also a controlling midfield player.

I'm thinking more of a Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard or David Silva. We have Jesse Lingard who, on his day, can be that type of player, but you never really know what his best position is."

Reminiscing his problems at playing out wide and likening it to Mata's situation, Scholes said, "Juan Mata has those type of qualities but the manager plays him wide on the right-hand side and he's never going to have the legs to play that position. I've been there, being put out wide, and you hate it. You want to get into the middle of the pitch where things are happening and the pace isn't as vital."

Paul Scholes was particularly saddened at watching Liverpool and Manchester City do well at a time when United have been on a downward spiral. Commenting on how the tables have turned in the last few years, Scholes said, "It shouldn't make any difference but it does. United now feels like Liverpool from years ago, like we're making all the same mistakes as they did."

"We were watching Liverpool and City from afar and smirking as they changed managers and players every year, never getting anything right. It feels like we have turned into a Liverpool or a Man City. I feel like people at Liverpool and Man City are looking at us and laughing as we did at them many years ago."

Speaking about Manchester United's current style of football Scholes brought up the Barcelona star and said, "It feels like every player who comes into the team struggles. I feel like we could sign Lionel Messi at the moment and he'd struggle in this team."

Scholes didn't leave the players out either. He said Alexis seemed like a "selfish" player and Pogba was "cocky" at times while saying that United should not expect to win the league with a "goal scorer like Lukaku".

Finishing up on the manager, Scholes said that Jose Mourinho needs to prove to the world that he is as good as he says he is, "He's moaning at his players and what he hasn't got. But look what he does have. He tells people he's the best coach, so he should now prove that."

He's bought the two centre-halves who don't look good enough. If he doesn't think they're good enough, then coach them and make them better", Scholes concluded.