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A regular from the Singapore Civil Defence Force attacked a parking enforcement officer and broke his tooth. The SCDF regular who has also worked as a delivery rider was given a jail term for a year including a fine of $500 on Wednesday, October 30. The accused was convicted of one charge each of voluntarily causing hurt to deter a public servant from his duty, abusing a public servant and mischief.

During the sentencing, the judge heard that Muhamad Nasri Sahari, an SCDF Second Sergeant, worked as a GrabFood delivery rider on his off days. This year on January 13 he went to deliver food and parked his motorcycle illegally in Binjai Park. When a parking officer from Certis Cisco spotted the vehicle, he went over to issue a summons. When the officer told Nasri that he had already begun keying in the details of the offence, the convict slapped the electronic handheld terminal out of his hand and hurled abusive language at him.

After the parking officer picked up the device and was trying to move away, Nasri again slapped it out of his hand and thrashed him on his face and wrist, during which one of officer's teeth was knocked out and another was extracted later. While the victim called for police assistance, Nasri fled after kicking the officer's motorcycle and causing it to fall but was arrested later. An SCDF spokesperson said, "SGT2 Muhammad Nasri Sahari has been interdicted on half pay since 5 February 2019. He will face public service disciplinary action and will be liable for punishments which may include dismissal from service."

As per the Singapore law, anyone convicted for using abusive language against a public servant under Section 6(3) of the Protection from Harassment Act shall be punished with an imprisonment term not exceeding 12 months, or with a maximum fine up to $5,000, or both. The offence of voluntarily causing hurt to deter a public servant from the discharge of his duty under Section 332 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224 is punishable with imprisonment which may extend to seven years, or with a fine, or with caning, or with any combination of such punishments. The offence of using criminal force against a public servant in the discharge of his duty under Section 353 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224 is punishable with an imprisonment term which may extend to four years, or with fine, or with both.