Scarlett Johansson Had Sex in Elevator? Actress Says She is Terrified of 'Being Caught' in Intimate Act

Scarlett Johansson has spoken out for the first time about a rumor which claimed that she had sex in an elevator with Benicio del Toro. Johansson revealed that the story that followed her for a long time was outrageous.

The rumor had emerged that Scarlett had sex in an elevator with her Avengers: Infinity War castmate Benicio del Toro. She revealed that it would be tough as it's a very short period and its logistics are not very appealing to her.

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Scarlett Johansson Rejects Elevator Sex Rumor

She denied the rumor and called it absurd. Although, she did not mention Benicio del Toro's name.

The actress revealed that she is terrified of such actions as she could be caught. "I'm a person who's terrified of being caught doing something I'm not supposed to be doing. So that made the story even that much more absurd to me," the two-time Oscar nominee revealed in the Skimm's 9 to 5ish podcast.

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In the podcast, the actress was promoting her new company The Outset, an eco-conscious skincare firm that she co-founded with former beauty executive Kate Foster Lengyel earlier this year.

How Did Elevator Sex Rumor Emerge?

The elevator sex rumor emerged from an Esquire interview when Benicio del Toro was reluctant to give details about it. 'Did I ever have sex in an elevator with Scarlett Johansson after an awards show?' Benicio repeated the question and added, "'I kind of like, you know, I, well. I don't know. Let's leave that to somebody's imagination. Let's not promote it. I'm sure it has happened before. It might not be the last time either."

Scarlett will now next executive produce and co-star with her Avengers castmate Chris Evans in Project Artemis, a space race film by Jason Bateman. The movie has scored a $100M distribution deal with AppleTV+.

The actress has also reunited with Bill Murray, her 'Lost in Translation' castmate, for Asteroid City.