SBS Transit to open Punggol Point LRT Station on Dec 29
A train arrives at the train station in a haze shrouded neighbourhood in Singapore September 28, 2015. Reuters

SBS Transit Limited, one of the major public transport operators in Singapore, announced on Monday that Punggol Point Station on the West Loop of the Punggol Light Rapid Transit (LRT) system will open for service next Thursday.

The company said in a press release that the new station will be more convenient for commuters, especially for those who are staying along Ponggol Seventeenth Avenue.

Once the service opens, the LRT trains will operate in one direction. It will start from Sam Kee Station to Punggol Town Station in a continuous loop till 3 pm daily but it will skip Teck Lee Station and Samudera Station as they are not yet in operation.

The trains will move in the opposite direction starting from Punggol Town Centre Station to Sam Kee Station from 3 pm onwards.

Throughout the day, the trains will operate at a frequency of between seven to eight minutes and the first and last train timings will not be changed. SBS Transit also added that Teck Lee Station and Samudera Station will open when their surrounding areas are developed.