SBS to extend K Pop entertainment drama 'Ddanddara'

'Ddanddara' a.k.a 'Entertainer' suffered a series of poor viewership and rating in the beginning

Viewers can now enjoy some extra innings of SBS entertainment drama, 'Ddanddara'. Reportedly, the show's associates were keen on extending the series by two episodes on seeing the appreciation from the fans.

In its confirmation note to extend the show, the broadcasters revealed: "The viewers' requests to cover the growth process of the Ddanddara band more in detail are increasing. As a result, we've decided to extend the drama. The staff and crew will do our best to create a story more people can relate to."

Although the show was set to have 16 episodes in total, the broadcasters changed their mind citing the huge popularity of the show.

Meanwhile, reports on Allkpop suggest that the show 'Ddanddara' a.k.a 'Entertainer' suffered a series of poor viewership and rating in the beginning. However, the drama started gaining popularity later with it's fascinating story about the entertainment industry.

The story involves around a manager who is in charge of a top entertainment agency, but later moves to a small agency as an entrepreneur to represents rookies. Later he gathers people for his band to make a mark in the industry.

The star cast of the show includes Ji Sung, Hyeri, Kang Min Hyuk and Chae Jung An. The show airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 KST on SBS.