Broadcasting channel SBS received backlash after it edited out the performance of IOI in its Dream Concert 2016 telecast on 12 June. The girl group was one of the top performers at the 22nd edition of one of the largest K-Pop shows of Asia held in Seoul on 4 June.

IOI's fans were disappointed and accused SBS of being unfair. However, elaborating the decision of not showing their performance in the special telecast, SBS released an official note stating time as a constraint. The statement read: "The reason why I.O.I was entirely edited out of the Dream Concert was because of the broadcast length. Other teams were also edited out. There was no malicious intent."

"All performances were aired on SBS Plus, but on the main SBS channel, due to the TV programming schedule, a portion of the performances were inevitably cut out," the channel added.

This is not the first time SBS has been accused of differential behavior towards the eleven member girl band in recent times. Earlier, in May, the private commercial broadcaster cancelled IOI's cameo for SBS power FM's show ,Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time, in lieu of 'space' limitation.

Giving explanation on their part, SBS radio team told OLSEN: "The master control room where the broadcasts take place is small, so it is realistically impossible for many people to come out and talk in it. We said we should use a large studio, but we were unable to secure it beforehand."

"There's no point in not having all 11 members of IOI, so after we secure a space, we plan to invite them again," the spokesperson added.