Sayed Sayedy: Why You Should Hire a Communication Trainer?

Sayed Sayedy

Are you trying to find out how to hire a communication trainer to improve communication skills? We delve into this question with Sayed Sayedy, a professional trainer, coach, and mediator with his independent methodological approach for individual problem-solving. An Afghanistan-born activist Sayed Sayedy is currently based in Germany and has been active in coaching, training and mediation, with the focus on understanding and effectively problem-solving in an intercultural or cross-cultural context. His training and seminars are built on the concept of non-violent communication techniques or effective communication. Furthermore, he focuses on motivating people and on intercultural communication methods in order to enhance effective communication skills in general.

According to Sayed Sayedy, in today's world, communication plays a very vital role in society. Businessmen, entrepreneurs, and sales ladies rely on their ability to communicate effectively to make a good deal with their counterparts, clients, and other business associates. A trainer will help you to learn more nonviolent communication techniques. Lack of effective communication can cost businesses a lot. If you have a business partner who doesn't talk to you properly, the relationship between you two might come to an abrupt halt and this will surely affect your business growth.

To avoid this communication gap between you two, you should hire a communication coach or translator to help you understand each other's point of view. The communication skills of the person speaking can be improved by employing the right communication techniques. With the help of a communication trainer, you can understand what your counterpart is trying to tell you with his/her words and you can also convey the message in a way to make the speaker understand what you are trying to say. Thus, effective communication can definitely save your business from a lot of trouble. Below are some of the communication skills which a communication coach can help you enhance:

Open Communicating:

As mentioned before, communication plays a very important role in a business. However, if you and your business partner are not to open with each other about certain issues then it will affect the growth of your business. A communication coach can help you improve your communication skills because he/she will teach you how to better open up your mouth when you are communicating with your partner. He/she will also guide you on how to better maintain the privacy of your thoughts and feelings.

Reveal your Hidden Thoughts:

A lot of people are very afraid of expressing their opinions because they are not sure if they will be heard or seen. With the help of a good trainer, however, you will be able to express your thoughts without hesitation. A communication coach will help you develop your communication skills and how to relay them effectively. You should also know how to listen well so that you can understand what your partner has to say. A good trainer will also help you emphasize your point and let others know what you want to convey.

Maintain Positive Communication:

There are times when you may find yourself having a rough day especially when talking to your boss or colleagues. Sometimes, you can lose your temper with just a simple problem. The communication skills that you have developed as a communication coach will help you handle difficult situations such as these. You should remember to remain positive while you are communicating with other people. You should not hesitate to say what you feel even if you may sound silly. When you maintain a positive attitude, you will not only be able to deal with tough situations; you will also be able to build healthy relationships.

Improve your Communication Skills:

As your communication skills improve, the better your relationship with your clients will be. Having a good relationship with your clients will help you gain more trust from them. This is important since you will be providing them with feedback on their performance. The feedback you give will help you understand whether they are improving. As your confidence grows, so will your clients' trust in you.

Improve your Listening Skills:

Communication can be very complicated for some people and it may take time for you to understand each other's point of view. With a communication trainer, however, communication won't be a problem at all. He/she will be there to listen carefully to both sides of the discussion to find out what you both mean and what you should do. Once he/she understands the message, he/she will then be able to guide you in the right direction. Thus, you will know what to do to reach your goal.

Improve your Oral and Written Communication Skills:

As an employee, communication is very important. If you want to reach your goals in the business, you need to communicate with your colleagues, customers, clients, and superiors. However, with poor communication skills, you won't be able to communicate properly. Thus, a communication coach will be a big help in this department. He/she will be there to help you enhance your communication skills.