Say goodbye to cracked skin this winter with these skincare tips

Check out tips to combat dry and cracked skin during winter season

Skin care tips for winter season
Skin care tips for winter season Facebook

Who wouldn't like to have smooth and dewy skin that could tolerate the effects of cold temperature and also bear the scorching sunlight heat? Obviously, every individual wishes to have spotless and a well moisturised skin. Consuming abundant amount of nutritious foods may keep your skin healthy and smooth this winter.

Though we all want to have a well nourished skin throughout the year, it is just not easy to acheive that during the winter season.The cold weather causes skin dryness and cracking of feet and hands.It not only leads to cracking of the skin but the affected parts of the skin also start bleeding due to the harsh weather. During such painful condition, it is always advisable either to visit the nearby clinic or get valuable health advices from specialists.

Winter dry skin leads to cracking of feet which is extremely painful. In the long run, it may deteriorate the texture of the skin and also cause even more painful sensation. However, before it turns into a severe issue, indulging in the right skin care routine and applying right products may provide better results. While looking for skin products, it is vital to understand your skin condition first and purchase according to the texture of your skins.

Majority of people often by the fragrance or texture of products not realizing how it would benefit their skin. One needs to understand the texture of the skin before choosing products, thus will provide an effective result.The content of product is highly important.

"If someone has an oily skin, gel-based moisturisers are best to be used; wherein a cream based moisturisers or a cream based lotion should be used by the ones having dry skin," said lead author Rohit Batra, Dermatologist, from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

"People with dry skin need to select products having liquid paraffin, sheer butter and cocoa butter and for someone who has an allergy prone skin should opt nor moisturiser containing ceramides. People with combination skin should go for oil based solution, as it is more likely to help your skin retain moisturiser in winter," said he.

In winter season you should be wise enough while selecting the right food options. One should not skip meals and consume nutirtionally rich diet or foods high in omega 3 like salmon, fish etc. "We should eat like a king," suggests Deepti G Dua, Dietitian.

"Winter foods have some good calories and great nutrition. One must consume a nutritionally rich diet or foods rich in omega 3 such as fish, salmon etc," said G Dua.

Winter is worth enjoying, if the combination of a balanced and required diet are met correctly. Your glowing skin will make your winter less stressful and more pleasant.