Saturn's moon may harbor alien life, claims NASA scientist


NASA, the United States space agency has been looking for alien life outside the earth, and until now, they have mostly focussed on Mars to spot traces of extraterrestrial existence. But now, a top NASA scientist has revealed that Saturn's moon Titan may be a hot searching spot to find alien life outside the earth.

Dr Amanda Hendrix, co-lead of the NASA Roadmaps to Oceans World Group believes that the Ocean World's Program is one of the most crucial missions that may help humans to encounter alien life in the near future.

"Ocean worlds may represent the best possible, in our solar system, of finding life. We need to understand whether these oceans are habitable and if so, whether these oceans actually host life. Titan is a very unique ocean world because it has both an ocean at the subsurface and it also has liquid hydrocarbon lakes on the surface," said Amanda Hendrix, reports.

Hendrix also added that there could be methane-based alien life thriving on the surface of Titan. However, Hendrix made it clear that the potential life forms humans may discover on Titan may not be that advanced, and they will be very simple in nature.

"There would not be aliens with green heads swimming around in there. I think it is possible there could be some simple life forms in some of these ocean worlds in our outer solar system," added Hendrix.

The NASA scientist also revealed that Mars is not habitable now, but humans can look for past signs of alien life in the Red Planet. Amanda believes that Enceladus and Europa, other moons of Saturn are also potential targets to spot extraterrestrial life.

A few weeks back, a team of scientist at the Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory put forward a plan named 'Dragonfly' to NASA, and this project aims to land a drone on Titan's surface. This mission aims to spot potentially habitable sites on Titan, which may eventually turn out to be a crucial step for space colonization in the future.